Booty Burglar
Booty Burglar
Intro Quotes from the Song
Type Chaser

Mountain (Giant)/Proxy Master

Signs of nearing Quotes from the song

Lower Pitch Sniper Quotes (Giant)

Origin The Gaben


Map(s) Any
Theme song Splurt - #OMW2SYG (Swiggity Swooty)

Same as the Giant Zombie Soldier does (Giant)

Partners Booty Burglar Duplicates
Stunnable? No (For both versions)

Booty Burglar is a Boss in Slender Fortress and Exclusive to Walter's Server and Demon Hamster's Server.


(NOTE: I just made this story up, so this may not be the reason why The Gaben made this. )

(NOTE BY THE GABEN: i fixed up the story demon hamster got the story all wrong)

The Gaben was dying from boredom and wanted to do something. he came across a song, "#OMW2SYG" by Splurt. After listening to it, he than came up with a SF2 Boss. "Booty Burglar" was born, he was a White Skeleton with Summer Shades and a Liquidators Lid. He used Quotes from the song, and used the Song as a Chase theme. The Giant Booty Burglar was a Large one that Insta-killed. there also was another version of Booty Burglar, but didn't insta-kill and was smaller plus persistent and a little faster. Both versions couldn't be stunned. 

In Slender FortressEdit

There are two versions of Booty Burglar. One is Big, and one is Smaller

The Big Version (Giant Booty Burglar) was a large slow-moving insta-killing chaser. He had a Distinct glow that was Tan-like. He can clone himself, which can be problem, he can't be stunned, even if he could, the attack would kill faster than the Player's Weapon can hit. His animation and his theme is similar to Giant Zombie Soldier.

The Small Version (Booty Burglar) was a smaller, fast-moving non insta-killing chaser. He had the glow similar to the Amnesia Bosses. He was also pretty persistent chasing up to about 20 seconds. He has an attack that isn't like The Giant one, it is Slow and Easy to Dodge and does 50 damage if he manages to hit you. He can't be stunned, which really doesn't matter.


TF2 SF2 Demon hamster's custom server Part 1

TF2 SF2 Demon hamster's custom server Part 1

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