Dark Kurome
Dark Kurome
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Type Blinking and Eye Contact
Signs of nearing Quotes of Akame ga Kill!
Origin Akame ga Kill!
Map(s) Special boss
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Stunnable? No
Dark Kurome is a boss in Slender Fortress. She is a sister of Akame.

Description Edit

She displays an unstable mental attachment to her fallen comrades as she keeps them as her corpse dolls. She states that it allows them to be "together forever", and she intended to add her sister to this collection, prior to Yatsufusa's destruction. She also seemed to play with the corpses of those she has killed, as well as keeping powerful ones to use in her permanent collection which is limited to eight. She was the power darkness !!! Dark Kurome has the power of darkness, capable of continuing everywhere if quelque'un do not see. It can kill if he does not see! 

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