Flame Atronach
Flame Atronach
Intro Unknown
Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Burning scorches
Origin Skyrim
Map(s) Special Boss
Theme song Unknown
Partners Two duplicates
Stunnable? No

Flame Atronachs are the bosses in Slender Fortress.


Flame Atronachs are the weakest and most common atronachs encountered. Constructed entirely of fire, Flame Atronachs resemble humanoid females wearing black metal armor. They possess horns, pointed ears, three fingers, and two toes.

Flame Atronachs float above the ground at all times and when moving they leave a trail of fire behind. When idle they often do spins and back flips. Unlike other Atronachs, Flame Atronachs rely on speed, agility, and powerful ranged attacks to dispatch their foes.

In Slender FortressEdit

Flame Atronachs can be found roaming on every locations. It moves quickly if it spots you. Fire should easily give away location of boss. However, fire damage will kill you if he doesn't.