Frontier Engineering
Environment Secret Laboratory Facility
Boss(es) Any
Goals Collect 5 exit keys and head for the exit door.
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Frontier Engineering is a Slender Fortress 2 map, created by a korean user known as Red Fox  The map appears in Demon Hamster's SF2 Server and Supreme MvM's SF2 Server.


The map is set in a secret laboratory facility, which is called "Frontier Engineering". There are some areas in the map, where your walking on grate bridges across water, or in a dark room with just one light shining down on blood next to crates, and more.

In Slender FortressEdit

The map's objective is to collect 5 exit keys in which they are the keys used in the Invasion Update and escape to the exit door. Simple concept.

BLU TeamEdit

The waiting room is very good and nicely detailed. There is a PvP area that is BIG, has a couple of pitfalls, health kits, and ammo. There is a Parkour that players jump on pipes and try not to fall into the bottomless pit. The next part is players are hoping on props on water, the water doesn't instant kill, but it does alot of damage. After the parkour, players can get into a room, the other room is the credits of the map.

Trivia Edit

  • Interestingly, the original version of this map was another map called "Rebor Alpha" that appeared on Queen's SF2 Server. Rebor Alpha was created by a person named HANTEN. HANTEN's character was based on a Chibi-like panda girl, Red Fox's character is a red humanoid with a crimson cape with ears, and the face is covered by a white mask with a couple scratch marks, but it doesn't show anything of the face. And the fact that they're both Korean and is in Queen's Group, it's most likely, that Red Fox is ACTUALLY HANTEN. Just a theory, but it could be true. Hope nobody takes it the wrong way.
  • There are 3 musics in the map.
  • 1. The Page Music is called "Metro: Last Light - Main Menu"
  • 2. The Escape Music is called "Armand Amar - Black Gold"
  • And 3. The Hidden Music is called "Outlast: Whistleblower - Ending Theme"