Heavy Sha is a Boss that will soon be a Boss on Slender Fortress. Exclusive to Demon Hamster's Server.


Heavy Sha
Intro Either the Sha of Fear's Intros, or edited Heavy sound files
Type Giant Chaser
Signs of nearing Either Sha of Fear's Quotes, or Edited Heavy sound files
Origin OC

Demon Hamster Eating My Wafflez

Map(s) Any
Theme song Unknown
Partners Either a Heavy Sha duplicate, or another boss
Stunnable? No

About a few weeks ago, Hamster requested that The Gaben should make a type of boss, he said this type of boss would be "The Heavy Model on TF2, with the Sha of Fear's Animations". Hamster dubbed this boss idea, "Heavy Sha", hence the name. The Gaben thought it was stupid and didn't do it. Hamster tries to look up Tutorials on how to, but can't find any, and thought The Gaben was his only choice to make the Heavy Sha. Instead of requesting if he can try to make it again, he asked if he can get a Tutorial on how to give animations to other models, Gaben did, he said he wanted Hamster to edit the .qc file and compile it with Crowbar. Hamster did try to do it, but Crowbar wouldn't compile the QC file, leaving Hamster dissapointed. Maybe someday. Heavy Sha will be Both, a Model for the Model Manager, and as a Boss.

In Slender FortressEdit

Heavy Sha may function similar to the Sha of Fear, except using the Heavy's model with the Sha of Fear's animations, maybe different sounds and music, how it will attack, how many copies it will have, have proxies or not, etc.

NOTE: If the Boss DOES get made, I will try to get back onto this page and edit it ASAP.