Intro We're from the moon we do what we want.

The innocence shall suffer, big time.

Type Chaser
Signs of nearing Quotes
Origin Aqua-Teen Hunger Force
Map(s) Any
Theme song Mooninite Death March
Partners Err
Stunnable? Yes

Ignignokt was a suggested boss in Demon Hamster's Server.

Description Edit

Ignignokt is the condescending and rude leader of the Mooninites. He and his acquaintance Err often bother the Aqua Teens with incredibly ridiculous plans. Ignignokt's appearance was inspired by very, very old video games. Ergo, he is pixelated beyond recognition. Ignignokt is green and blue and often bears the same facial expression for extremely long periods of time. Ignignokt is an elitist who often claims that the moon is a civilization far more advanced than the Earth, even after being proven wrong several times. For example, he once claimed to be better than Frylock because he could jump higher due to the moon's lower gravity. When he tried this, he failed to jump higher, because he wasn't on the moon at the time. Ignignokt claims that "everything [the Mooninites] say and do is right," but also has a knowledge for the law. He sometimes even scoffs at others for doing bad things, in acts of hypocrisy. Ignignokt often forms convoluted plans for various purposes. In "Revenge of the Mooninites," for example, they planned on scamming Meatwad into using Harvest Time tickets in order to "fill [the ten-speed] with illegal substance and [send] it down the river." Ignignokt enjoys pulling pranks on people and has been known to leave Graffiti and make crank calls. However, Ignignokt's pranks go far beyond being simple annoyances and vandalism. He often injures people in the process. The Mooninites once froze Carl in a block of ice in "Revenge of the Mooninites." Ignignokt even went so far as to invite all of the previous villains of the show to kill the Aqua Teens in "The Last One." Why he did this is never fully explained.

In Slender FortressEdit

Ignignokt is a chaser that is rather persistent, when attacking, he bitchslaps the player with CRITICAL HIT! Damage, and it instakills all classes with one shot. He's 2D, similar to the DOOM Bosses and the Wolfenstein 3D Hitler. He's pretty fast, too. He can be stunned, when stunned, he will flip the bird at the player, before chasing them again. When he kills the player, he says "I hope he can see this *flips finger* because I'm doing it as hard as I can." Meaning he flipped you off as you die. He was gonna have a Quad Lazer attack, but it would be too advanced.