DJ Keemstar
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DJ Keemstar is a boss in Slender Fortress.


DJ Keemstar (Powerword: Daniel Keem) is a leader of a clan on Xbox live made up of 12 year olds known as the "Federation of Asshole Gamers" or the "F@G". He gained a following of many 12 year old Halo fanboys who call their dungeon master "Halo's #1 Trashtalker": IRL he's a butthurt father with an extreme amount of unwarranted self importance. DJ spends his life on Xbox Live, BlogTV, and Youtube where he has 50,000 subscribers from dick riding machinima directors and Call of Duty commentators. He begged them to advertise his YouTube channel but, hilariously enough, the only people that actually subscribed were 12-year-old boys. Surprisingly he is the #1 most subscribed on BlogTV, which he accomplished by raging to his fans that its his life goal to be the most subscribed on the entire fucking website, but who the fuck uses BlogTV? Everyone uses Ustream. If you think about it, its not that hard getting #1 subscribed on a shitty website that no one uses if you spend all day everyday streaming and commanding little kids to subscribe. It is extremely likely that he will at some point stumble upon this article and turn it into another excuse for him to fap to his own name while bitching and moaning on his BlogTV broadcast for five hours. When this time comes he should gtfo like the tool he is.

In Slender FortressEdit