The Lunar Republic Gaming is a late server that it was actually the one who made Slender Fortress on February 8, 2013 and then publicly released for all servers on October 21st, 2013. It was created by Kit o' Rifty.

It was closed and opened a new group here:

But on March 21 2016, the owner had given up on Celestial Gaming TF2 and had been shut down forever, because the owner was having a depression about something.

Whaat is LRG?Edit

Not sure what LRG is? Well LRG is a friendly welcoming steam gaming community focused around bringing fun and great content to its players!

We encourage and put all of our players first! Meaning no adds on our servers, friendly staff, and a member suggestion based thought process.LRG’s aim is to bring all sorts of people together to create a loving family like community to play games and make friends!

We are the official host of Slender Fortress, a horror mod based off slender the 8 pages/slender the arrival made for Team Fortress 2! As the official original server we have all the updated content including bosses that range from gravity falls bill cipher to creepypastas like ben drowned.

We also run a Halloween event server 24/7 and a dev server and are looking to hopefully open a couple more servers in the future!

Steam group:Edit


Videos involving LRG bossesEdit