Painis Cupcake
Painis Cupcake
Intro Crystal Caves (Indoors)/Puzzles in the Caves playing and Painis Cupcake saying "I am Painis Cupcake. I will eat you.'"
Type Raging Chaser
Signs of nearing Shotgun-cocking noises
Map(s) Randomized
Theme song Creepy Castle Mine Cart/Demon Resident Mine Cart
Partners None
Stunnable? Yes (But if you stun him, he will Self-Übercharge immediately)

Painis Cupcake is a boss in Slender Fortress.


What is known about him is that he is not at all civilized and is beyond human. Upon confronting his prey he will honorably introduce himself as "I am Painis Cupcake. I will eat you." Followed by an ominous and borderline disturbing smile. He will rarely say "Your painis is mine, do you understand that?". Painis will then proceed to rip his prey to shreds and then devour their remains, in which he usually does so successfully.

When a mysterious sneak-like music plays, this is an indication that he is around; while in pursuit of prey, the music will change into a chasing scene theme. These songs typically come from the soundtrack of Donkey Kong 64. His main musical theme is "Crystal Caves (Indoors)/Puzzles in the Caves" and his Attack theme is "Creepy Castle Mine Cart/Demon Resident Mine Cart".

Although he mostly hunts people down and when he finds someone he just eats them, there have been instances of him being friendly, especially when said person offers him something, like Kill Scout and Solgineer did - not to mention that Polite Spy made a friendship with him after telling him he did a "fine job murdering people". This means that Painis can be friends with other freaks.

However, there has been an unusual event where he had made friends with the GMOD character Kami. This was due to her besting him in battle. This shows that Painis respects people who are stronger than him or of equal strength. Although when losing to Team Killer, another popular TF2 Freak, he retreats calling him scum.

He's also shown to have a friendly and protective relation to the Intelligent Heavy after he was offered a Sandvich. Due to the latter's questionable competence, Painis doesn't want him to fight with other freaks.

In Slender FortressEdit

Painis Cupcake's model is used from Freak Fortress 2. He moves like a Fast Zombie from Black Mesa like The Rake and The Horror has the same move as Fast Zombie. But if you stun Painis Cupcake, he will Self-Übercharge and gains extra speed in addition to being able to instantly kill a player.



  • "I am Painis Cupcake. I will eat you."


  • "Painis."
  • *chuckles*
  • *Shotgun-cocking noises*


  • "You cannot hurt me! I am Painis Cupcake!"
  • "Your painis is mine, do you understand that!"
  • "Painis in the anus!"


  • "I will eat your painis! Do you understand that?"
  • "I will eat your painis."
  • "I will eat them up!"
  • "I will eat your nuts."
  • "If God had wanted you to live then he wouldn't have created ME!"
  • "I am going to claw my way down your throat and eat your very painis!"


  • "Ahh!"
  • "Owch!"
  • *groans*
  • *grunt*


  • *scream*
  • *yell*

Killing the player:Edit

  • "Num, num, num, num, num. (eating)"
  • "You're sweet like cupcakes are sweet!"
  • "Ribs sweet!"
  • "Bon voyage, crouton!"

Losing the player:Edit

  • "No!"
  • "Dammit!"
  • *groans*
  • *grumble*


  • His animation is similar to Fast Zombie's since he couldn't do his sliding animation.
  • His models utilized from Freak Fortress 2.