Phantom Mangle
Phantom Mangle Head
Intro Ending Music from Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Type Look and Run Chaser
Signs of nearing Static
Origin Five Nights at Freddy's 3
Map(s) Whispers of Freddy
Theme song None
Partners Springtrap, Phantom BB, Phantom Chica, Phantom Freddy, Phantom Foxy, Phantom Puppet
Stunnable? No

Phantom Mangle is a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

Phantom Mangle looks much like Mangle did in the second game, but with a burnt appearance, possibly foreshadowing the fire that broke out in the establishment. It lacks eyes and instead has pin-pricked, white irises. Phantom Mangle seems to have half of its left eye missing although it could just be obscured by something else. Phantom Mangle appears exclusively on CAM 04 and, when it appears in The Office, it will be behind the window and to the left. Phantom Mangle only appears from Night 2 onward, as do all the other phantoms.

In Slender Fortress Edit

Phantom Mangle cannot instakill you but it steals your audiomaker, a few Phantom Animatronics has the only helper that CAN instakill you called, Springtrap.