Intro *bell rings*

Pizza Delivery: "Here's from our pizza."
*pizza swoosh*
Jimmy Nutrin: "The pizza is agressive."
*pizza slices Hugh's neck*
Hugh Nutrin: "Oh shit."

Type Charger
Signs of nearing Swooshing sound, the voice "Oh shit" heard when it kills the player
Origin Jimmy Neutron Happy Family Happy Hour
Map(s) Any
Theme song None
Partners Pizza duplicate
Stunnable? No

The Pizza is a boss on Slender Fortress.


Carl and Sheen come over to Jimmy's house for a sleepover. Carl brings a Llama movie, while Sheen brings "Ultra Lord Marshmallow balls". Jimmy unveils his new invention, the Slumbertron 9000, which makes pizza, deploys pillows, and tells scary stories. Sheen wants to use all the functions at the same time, but since this is the machine's maiden voyage, Jimmy starts with the pillow fight. Jimmy's parents hear them above, but Hugh tells Judy to "let them have their fun". After they tire out, they make the "ultimate pizza". They eat all but 1 slice in 10 seconds. Hugh comes down to tell them to quiet down, but gets distracted by the remaining slice. Then, Jimmy tells everyone that it's time for scary stories. Sheen asks for "scream you're head off scary" stories. When Jimmy activates it, Dr. Dark appears and tells them the story about the monster that ate children at night. All 3 got scared, so Jimmy shuts down the machine. They now went to sleep. Later that night, Carl wakes up, saying he wants more pizza, but Jimmy does not wake up. So, Carl precedes to head to make the pizza himself. He tries to type "I want pizza. Love, Carl", but the machine gives him a syntax error. Then, he presses all the buttons, causing the machine to combine the pizza, and Dr. Dark to form the Pizza Monster. Jimmy cannot erase the pizza due to the machine crashing. They run away. Judy tries to convince Hugh to tell them to go to sleep. Hugh still says no. The 3 split up, and the pizza splits up to 3 to follow them. Fed up with all the noise, Judy forces Hugh to tell them to quiet down. Both went down. The machine spits out 3 pillows which scare them. They run away. The 3 hide in a closet. Jimmy gets a brain blast, saying that if the pizza thinks that the sun is rising, he will run away. The plan works, and the three dissolve the pizza out in the sunlight. The pizza suddenly awakes saying "Fools, haven't you herd of sequels?" They run away. Than, Jimmy wakes up. Than Hugh wakes up, than Carl, and finally, the monster itself. His wife says that it was just a dream and their are no such thing as children. They go back to sleep, while their pet cat pizza meows before walking away.

In Slender FortressEdit