Intro "[Corrosion sounds] huh-[screaming] [loud tear] [silence followed by SCP-106 laughing]"

"SCP-106 has broken out of the facility at Gate A. Fire the H.I.D. Turret immediately! Do NOT let it across the bridge."

Type Hit, Look and Run
Signs of nearing Strange gurgling sounds
Origin SCP Foundation
Map(s) Containment Breach
Theme song Bump in the Night
Partners SCP-173

Mobile Task Force

Stunnable? No
SCP-106 is a boss in Slender Fortress.


SCP-106 appears to be an elderly humanoid, with a general appearance of advanced decomposition. This appearance may vary, but the “rotting” quality is observed in all forms.

SCP-106 causes a “corrosion” effect in all solid matter it touches, engaging a physical breakdown in materials several seconds after contact. This is observed as rusting, rotting, and cracking of materials, and the creation of a black, mucus-like substance similar to the material that coats SCP-106.

SCP-106 is capable of passing through solid matter, leaving behind a large patch of its corrosive mucus. SCP-106 is able to “vanish” inside solid matter, entering what is assumed to be a form of “pocket dimension”. SCP-106 is then able to exit this dimension from any point connected to the initial entry point (examples: “entering” the inner wall of a room, and “exiting” the outer wall. Entering a wall, and exiting from the ceiling). It is unknown if this is the point of origin for SCP-106, or a simple “lair” created by SCP-106.

In Slender FortressEdit

As part of the mapEdit

SCP-106 appears in the Containment Breach map, as a cameo. Once entering one of the doors, he can be seen crossing the wall, and disappearing. This is nothing more than a scare tactic/cameo and does not harm any players.

As one of a bossEdit

SCP-106 is a mobile threat, and appears quite often. It can spawn at any time near the player. Once SCP-106 has spotted the player, it will immediately begin to pursue them. SCP-106 is difficult to deter, due to it being able to phase through doors, with the only way to shake it off being to run outside of its effective range or trick it into walking into a Tesla gate (only on Containment Breach), stunning it and causing it to retreat.

Unlike the original SCP game, SCP-106 kill the player instead of sending them to the Pocket Dimension. This may be a reference to the Version 0.1 of SCP - Containment Breach.