Intro "See?"
Type SEE Chaser
Signs of nearing "SEE!?"
Map(s) Any, SEE?
Theme song Grinder
Partners Seeman and Seeldier duplicates
Stunnable? Yes

Seeman is a boss in Slender Fortress.


Seeman's appearance is similar to an ordinary RED Demoman. However, he has several traits and abilities at his disposal that take him out of normal territory and up to the status of a GMod Monster.

It is widely known that there is many more than one Seeman in existence, but only the original has the assistance of Seeldier, as well as the See-Beam. The many copies are also not as powerful, and tend to be treated as cannon fodder. His themes are "The Penguins of Madagascar theme song" and sometimes when he SEEs something , "Grinder" from Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, followed by a tossing Scatman-like dance by Seeman himself, or Seeldier.

Seeman seems to have a vocabulary focused mainly around the word "see," using this word at the same time as his signature face (see picture) as his introduction. He also uses this expression and vocalization when he, quite literally, points something out to any given audience, be it one person or many. These things that he points out are often completely unrelated to anything that has been happening in the immediate area as of late but with exceptions here and there. One of his other main traits is his capability to start flailing wildly in the air to heavy metal music; an exaggerated version of his signature expression present on his face.

In Slender FortressEdit

Seeman moves like Servant Brute and somewhat, Faceless. He will chase you with his enlarged fist. He will try punch you in a short distance like Abomination Zolyn. In addition, he's shown to be quite defensive and very difficult to harm. Stunning him will cause him to do an awkward dance and you will explode. SEE!?



Seeldier also make an appearance on Slender Fortress. He is known for being Seeman's "angel guard". He deals more damage than Seeman. However, he's seem to be slower than Seeman. You can stun him, but you will explode when Seeldier is doing an awkward dance. It is very difficult to run away from them. So, all you gotta do is to avoid getting detected. SEE!

Seeldier doesn't exactly seem to be physically different from your average Soldier, and may be easily harmed like one, outside of his explosive attack.