The Variants
Intro "Meat! Wants meat! Wants meat! Meat!"
Type Chasers
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Origin Outlast
Map(s) Special boss
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The Variants were a boss in Slender Fortress.

Description Edit

For the most part, the humanity of some of the Variants seems to have left them at some stage during their torture, turning into sadistic, cruel and ruthless pursuers. Others tend to become terrified (e.g. hiding under beds; crawling away after attacking), others seem prone to self-harm (e.g. one banging his head into a wall in different places), and a few that are slightly helpful. Some Variants seem to be followers of Father Martin.

Among their abilities is their physical strength and stamina; being able to smash doors, pull out organs, destroy reinforced glass and chase after victims. Even though most of them act in unexpected ways, many are capable of high reasoning, proven when they execute plans such as tracking down Miles' hiding spots and listening for sound. Some of them even set up ambushes- such Variants include Richard Trager and The Twins, who opt to open and close doors rather than bashing them down like other variants such as Chris Walker .

In Slender Fortress Edit

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Quotes Edit

Intro Edit

  • "Meat! Wants meat! Wants meat! Meat!"

Idle: Edit

  • "There's another door. This way!"
  • "There's more than one way to fuck a cat. Come on!"

Alert: Edit

  • "Walrider!"

Chase: Edit

  • "Walrider!"
  • "You can't hide!"
  • "Fuck, fuck!"

Killing the player: Edit

Stunned: Edit

  • He's getting away!
  • "Goddamnit!"

Rage: Edit

  • "Goddamnit!"

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